Jaw crusher in construction waste crushing process


Jaw crusher in the field of industrial production, has 100 years of history. Jaw crusher has simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and overhaul, and low production costs, has been widely used in the cement industry hard, in hard materials, rough broken, broken job, such as limestone, clinker, stone , sandstone, gypsum, zeolite, the work environment adaptability, stable performance. A linkage mechanism based crushing machinery and equipment, mainly by extrusion, grinding stripping and broken broken materials.

Materials into the mill in cement production, reducing particle size is an effective way to improve the mill output. Therefore, with a smaller product size crusher is a powerful weapon of the competition in the market, many equipment manufacturers in pursuit of the goal. Beginning in the 1990s, a large number of domestic crushing crusher, fine jaw crusher for limestone, gypsum, cement clinker crushing the earliest. Fine jaw crusher is actually a compound pendulum jaw crusher, compound pendulum jaw crusher and ordinary main difference: the crushing chamber deepened, the width of the jaw lengthened; Some also reduces the suspension height of the movable jaw, the eccentric shaft centerline and fixed jaw on the upper surface in a horizontal plane, is called zero suspension ", so that the upper horizontal stroke of the movable jaw to increase, when broken, can get a larger extrusion pressure. With zero suspension after the eccentric shaft eccentric distance reduced, so that the device lower center of gravity, smooth running machine; ability of the moving jaw clamping materials conducive to the improvement of production capacity.

Yifan Machinery of the jaw crusher in the production of construction waste crushing process, high-quality, high-yield, energy-saving effect, large construction waste crushing.

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