Strengthening the maintenance and promotion of jaw plate of jaw crusher working efficiency


Jaw crusher in modern mining, metallurgy and construction of sand stone system and other industries in the extensive use of a crusher, the crusher has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, big crushing ratio, uniform finished product size and other characteristics, at the same time it is also due to play system of sand complete sets of production line equipment in first broken responsibility, jaw crusher crushing mechanism is on the movable jaw relative to the fixed jaw relative extrusion movement to break material, therefore in the process of using the jaw plate of jaw crusher jaw plate wearing parts, wear is very common phenomenon.

As the mining head device of jaw crusher, the vulnerability of jaw plate is lifting equipment capacity to reduce the cost of the main factors, so it is especially important in the daily maintenance and maintenance. The jaw crusher jaw plate is used widely toothed plate material for water toughening treatment of high manganese steel, using as a result caused by the extrusion hardening, the hardness can reach 650Hv by 200Hv, in a certain degree wear tooth plate can be seen on the surface of the toothed plate extrusion forming concave convex inequality, as well as by the material cutting forming scribing. Visible jaw plate wear is mainly due to the extrusion of the materials as well as the material and relative sliding caused by jaw plate.

Influence of the wear of the jaw plate main factors: the material characteristics, jaw crusher, jaw plate material operating parameters. At present, most of the study on the wear of the jaw plate from the microscopic materials science perspective. The movable jaw movement analysis as the foundation, the combination of materials in the broken cavity flow analysis of crushing characteristics, from an objective point of view on the jaw plate wear analysis.

Jaw crusher jaw plate is the main jaw plate during operation, use degree has decided the material production capacity, when the jaw is badly worn or broken front jaw plate, how we replace the safety jaw crusher jaw plate? Jaw crusher working load often than other crushing equipment should be large, and often with hard ore direct contact, we need the special attention is, breaking machine wearing parts found to be vulnerable, especially the jaw plate, must be timely replacement, so as not to affect the normal work or unexpected safety accidents occurrence. This is a problem of great concern to many users.


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