How to improve the work efficiency of the jaw crusher ?


Effective Yifan Machinery ambitious goals of innovation and R & D to improve the work efficiency of the jaw crusher . Yifan machinery from simple manufacturing to high-tech research and development , more and more money into research and innovation projects , from manufacturing to research and development . Yifan Machinery production jaw crusher , hammer crusher , impact crusher machine equipment is being constantly developed . In order to continue to meet the requirements of the economic development level of high-tech equipment for the crusher , Yifan machinery always persevere the broken machinery R & D work .

Improve the efficiency of jaw crusher maintenance is the key. Machines and people , in order to have high efficiency of work and learning must put their own body to keep a good , the machine is no exception , jaw crusher is no exception , in order to ensure the jaw crusher with high productivity , qualified products, an important factor for low power consumption and a stable long - run , is the correct operation and reasonable and timely maintenance . Jaw crusher maintenance work is mainly focused on aspects of lubrication , tightening , adjustment and cleaning .

Jaw crusher in the course of their work , the friction surface should be timely reliable lubrication , so as to ensure that the the crusher long-term normal operation . Therefore , the lubrication of lubricating parts must pay special attention to . Otherwise it will cause an accident , or even accidents . Generally dry oil lubrication for moving jaw complex pendulum crusher bearing and thrust plate with the lubrication of the bearing pads . In the winter , the cases where the dry oil solidification may , in which the addition of 20 % ( by weight) automotive lubricants lubrication.The lubrication of the contact surfaces must be fully and evenly. But the full extent of the lubricating oil in the Rolling Block , should not exceed 50-70% of its volume . Run usage , every 1-2 days to fill oiling once per quarter, the best lubricant for once . Meanwhile, after thorough cleaning of the bearing inspection . Practice has proved that the filling can be expected to replace the lubricant can extend the service life of the bearings and other parts .

Lubrication system used generally by the oil pump , filter cooler , oil pressure adjustment valve , fuel tank , tubing , instrumentation indicating device . When the pressure is too high or excessive oil flow can be adjusted by a hydraulic valve to be adjusted, the normal lubrication process , the flow of oil must be appropriate . Lubrication system oil return temperature no higher than 600 degrees , the normal temperature should be controlled at 35 to 50 ° C in the tank . When the oil temperature is too high , you should take the water cooling measures , the water pressure should be lower than the oil pressure of 0.5 atm .Pressure difference exceeds 0.40 atmospheric pressure before and after the oil filter , clean the filter. Thin oil lubrication oil ( 30 to No. 50 machine oil ) under normal operating conditions , should be every 3-6 months for a replacement and thorough washing with kerosene fuel tanks and other lubricated components , parts , in order to ensure that the entire lubrication system of barrier-free , oil quality and clean . The timing use artificial lubrication of the parts , should pay attention to timely , adequate and accurate lubrication .

Lubrication is just one aspect of the jaw crusher , in the case of the normal functioning of the jaw crusher , we have to ensure that the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 ° C , the maximum temperature rise to no more than 70 ° C . The last to be done in the process of using a jaw crusher , ruoyin crushing chamber materials caused by parking congestion, should be immediately shut down the motor , the material must first delete , and then restart . The above method in order to improve the efficiency of the jaw crusher , can improve work efficiency , eliminating the need for an unnecessary expenditure .

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