Jaw crusher installation process and detailed analysis


Jaw crusher installation method mentioned in the previous one which, this section will continue as we explain in detail about the installation of the crusher operation.

First of all, the device out of the box check:

After the arrival of the jaw crusher equipment, in conjunction with the units of the Party, supervision, and other manufacturers equipment inventory check. Name basis to verify equipment inventory to the manufacturers of the packing slip and Design Institute of drawings, models, specifications, parts inventory, check whether the random file complete collection of random file, the problems to be carefully recorded, fill out the equipment records of inspection and acceptance. After the arrival of the jaw crusher equipment, should verify the device model, specifications and design match. The random verification crane technical documents are complete.

Second, jaw crusher installation:

The order installation process: rack mount static jaw crusher to move out of the installation static jaw crusher the tensioning device install dynamic jaw crusher installation → toggle plate and moving jaw side panels installed tensioning device installation pulley, flywheel motor is installed.Want to move before the installation, the static jaw shaft, bearings and rack shaft hole, bearing bore; pulley, flywheel bore motor shaft scrape the paint film, cleaning clean.

Rack installation: with a crane hanging the rack to the crusher on the basis of good pad horn, according to measurement baseline alignment, leveling. Install anchor bolts, anchor bolts secondary irrigation, first tighten the anchor bolts to secure the rack to be solidified.

Leveling the rack into use frame-level instrument leveling.

Longitudinal and transverse plane of the position allowable deviation of ± 3mm;

Elevation allowable deviation of ± 5mm.

Static jaw install: static jaw with a crane hanging to the rack above the first suspension upper, fixed, slightly lifting the lower part and then crane, install static jaw tensioning device and static jaw bracket.

The moving jaw Installation: first measurement of bearings, bearing housings, bearing cap size, determine the adjustment the bearing clearance gasket thickness and number of bearing, bearing cap pre-installed on the shaft. The crane will be moving jaw hanging on the rack, install good bearing, tighten the bolts. Moving jaw tensioning device installed and bracketed by random drawing. Crane straight hanging side panels, pulley, flywheel installed.

Moving jaw, rack weighs about 15t, considering the maximum lifting weight calculated in accordance 16t, sling safety factor to take the conversion factor of 6,6 × 19 rope a 0.82 40-60 degrees of the angle between the rope and the horizontal plane. Hoisting movable jaw, rack:
P × 4 × 0.82 × Sin600/16 = 6, P = 33.79t. Wherein, P is the rope pulling force. Lifting crusher rack, moving jaw, select the 6 × 19-Φ28 wire rope slings, Φ28 rope breaking force of 38t, in line with the requirements of P.

Motor installation: crane motor hanging on the foundation pad good horn, put the line according to the measurement to find positive, leveling motor frame, the second watering anchor bolts, tighten the anchor bolts to be solidified. Installed motor pulley to hang belts, adjust the motor belt tensioning adjustment bolt, tighten the motor mounting bolts.

Install other auxiliary facilities, use a torque wrench to tighten again in accordance with the jaw crusher drawings.

Frame anchor bolts and other important parts of the bolt. Adjust the width of the port of discharge, taut spring tension, etc.. Completed static debugging.

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