Jaw crusher installation technical requirements


The important part of the long-term as a broken jaw crusher assembly technology has been the most important. Moving jaw jaw crusher assembly technology focus in the assembly, and the workload of the assembly work is also focused on moving the jaw, movable jaw assembly is mainly concentrated in the 4 groups Rolling on. If these four groups bearing assembly was to meet the technical requirements, and reeved moving jaw and very smooth, not to simmer fresh, the assembly dimensions are in line with the requirements of the drawings, the whole machine the run estimated will not appear big problem.

The following details about the technical requirements of the installation of the jaw crusher:

Assembly base should meet the following requirements:

[1] 、Rolling assembly shall comply with the provisions of the technical documentation of the device.

[2] 、Parts of the jaw crusher stand above, should be in the base alignment, leveling and tighten the anchor bolts, square was assembled.

[3] 、Prescribed position the joints should be designed to locate and install all the locating pin;

[4] 、Joint surface contact should close, when the bolts are not tightened, the 0.10mm feeler checks shall not be inserted into the local gap segment length should not be more than 100mm, the cumulative length should not exceed 10% of the total length of the joint surface edge;

[5] 、Frame connecting bolt preload shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documentation, tighten should be the order of symmetry, the force should be uniform;

[6] 、The base longitudinally mounted level should not be greater than 0.50/1000 horizontal installation level should not be greater than 0.20/1000, spindle and bearing the carved surface measurements;

[7] 、T-shaped head anchor, its specifications should be consistent with the requirements of the design, installation should be perform mechanical equipment installation engineering construction and acceptance of universal norms, "the provisions of the existing national standards;

[8] 、Bracket bracket mat should contact uniform per meter length of the gap should not be greater than 1.5mm; the jaw bearing surface should contact evenly, the gap should jaw size into account, should not be greater than 3 mm per meter.


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