How to correctly use the crushing jaw crusher ?


Jaw crusher can be divided into coarse crushing and medium crushing and fine crushing, crushing jaw crusher which applies to small and medium mining, building materials, road construction, silicate and chemical industry, fine feed particle size of not more than 210 mm of ore and rock material to be broken compressive strength of not more than 250 kg / cm. Meet the metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors crushing high strength, high hardness, low carbon ferrochrome needs.

Crushing jaw crusher the basic use and maintenance of the following, please be sure to follow the following procedure to correctly operate the equipment to avoid abnormal operation of machinery and equipment:
Crushing jaw crusher
(1) Crusher normal dynamic change only after the beginning of feeding.
(2) the material to be shredded should be evenly added to the crushing cavity, lateral feeding should be avoided or filled with feeding, so as not to overload or received unilateral overload or excessive load to bear.
(3) normal operating conditions, the bearing temperature does not exceed 30, the highest temperature yielding more than 70, more than the above temperature, should be immediately stopped, identify the cause and to be eliminated.
(4) shut down as a result of the crushing cavity material completely ruled out only after disabling motor.
(5) when broken, as a result of the crushing cavity exclude obstruction caused by parking, should immediately turn off the motor after the exclusion of materials before starting again.
(6) jaw plate wear at one end, you can turn around and use.
(7) crushers used for a period of time, the village should be tight to prevent the sleeve retighten loose and tight sleeve village health damage to the machine.

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