How to choose energy efficient stone crushing equipment?


How to choose energy efficient stone crushing equipment?

At present the market appeared more and more mine stone crusher, but can really become the customer satisfied the stone crushing equipment less. According to the market survey found that the user crusher hammerhead and cleading consumption, frequent replacement, low - output table, high power consumption, maintenance repair difficult, time is long, the low rate of operation of equipment. For example, hammer crusher, either vertical or horizontal hammer crusher, hammer crusher hammerhead, has short service life, the shortest is replaced every three five days, the longest only half a month to replace a. Hammerhead and cleading consumption, 1 tons of ore to need 1 yuan, power consumption of 1 tons of ore crushing need 7KWH.

Here we give you recommend a kind of wear parts, low consumption, long service time, high yield, stable discharging granularity, small power consumption of the energy-saving hydraulic cone crusher, power consumption by other finely machine 7KWH/ tons of ore, down to 5KWH/ tons of ore. Lining life cycle consumption material plate, a week can improve to the time of half an year, breaking 1 tons of ore consumption, wear-resisting steel liner plate hammer 0.2 kilograms / tons of ore, dropped to 0.01 kilograms / tons of ore, fell almost twenty times as much. To understand the details of the equipment, please click here to online communication or Leave us a message get product information and jaw crusher price.

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