New jaw crusher to improve sand production line capacity


Jaw crusher production capacity is in the normal working condition number of broken material per hour. Size and production capacity and crushing capacity size of the size of the discharge capacity, discharge capacity was adequate and inadequate or broken crushing capacity and discharge capacity enough to lack of capacity or lack of will affect both the production capacity of the crusher. After a detailed analysis of relevant experts Yifan Machinery, jaw crusher crushing capacity is usually sufficient, insufficient production capacity, the Lord is up to the discharge capacity shortage.
jaw crusher crushing Feldspar
jaw crusher crushing Feldspar
Jaw crusher work, if crushing capacity and discharge capacity is insufficient enough to affect its production capacity, can change the shape of the movable jaw plate, changing the shape of the nesting population is more conducive to the material, to improve their nesting capabilities, thereby enhancing its production capacity.
Jaw crusher capacity factors:
To the mine mouth width: the width of the decision to the mine mouth to mine crusher maximum degree of block size, which is an alternative to the mining machine specification is very important data. Jaw crusher to the ore block greatest degree by crusher feed size of the condition is determined.
In addition, when the same type of ore crushing, crusher eccentric sleeve production capacity and the number of revolutions, to the mine mouth length, movable jaw stroke, broken product size and product loose coefficient is proportional to the crusher nip angle with the tangent value is inversely proportional.
Yifan Machinery specializes in producing jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher crusher equipment, mining machinery, has many years of experience in research and production practice, we improved crusher tooth plate structure, the use of curved crushing tooth plate , reducing crusher collar plate nip angle, greatly improving the jaw crusher production capacity, so that the jaw crusher production has increased dramatically.

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