Large jaw crusher production and application


Large jaw crusher with high yield, large crushing ratio, low wear of the jaw, and operation of a high degree of user-friendly, machine stability, the appearance of the structure is simple and generous and many other features.

Large jaw crusher consists of frame, movable jaw, eccentric shaft, jaw plate, adjust the seat and other component parts. The main advantage is the use of the new "v"-shaped symmetrical crushing chamber structure, the effective opening size equal to the nominal opening size (ordinary jaw crusher is the the traditional asymmetric crushing chamber structure, the effective opening size less than the nominal opening size), and therefore its broken capacity increased by 15% -20%. Discharge opening structure the use of state-of-the-art hydraulic adjustment device, so that the products use the same export clearance, the material has a greater through capacity-optimized cavity shape and motion parameters; Similarly, in the same through capacity using a smaller outlet gap. Rack main structural parts are made of high-quality manganese steel thick steel plate in the design process, make full use of the finite element analysis method to evaluate the mechanical strength, load it in the course of anti-resisting ability is enhanced. The bearings use of cold charging process installation, lubrication, longer operating life, improve the rotation efficiency.

Large jaw crusher suitable for crushing of limestone, hardness, iron ore, feldspar and other materials, can also be applied to a variety of specifications aggregate and dry the wet artificial sand crushing operations, to achieve a machine with moreoptional device to meet the multiple needs of the user. Crushing operations are widely used in Sichuan Dagangshan hydropower, Jinping hydropower station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station in Yunnan, Congo highway and other domestic and foreign large-scale water conservancy and hydropower, road and rail projects, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, with its superior performance to win the high praise.

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