Jaw crusher price determinants


Jaw crusher is commonly used mining stone crushing equipment, sand making production line and also the stone production line can not be missing chunks of stone crushing equipment. Jaw crusher has many models and sizes, then decided jaw crusher are those factors that determine the price of it?

The upper and lower walls of the opening frame is rigid frame for supporting the eccentric shaft and bear fragmentation reaction of materials, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, Yifan Machinery ore jaw crusher is generally used integrally cast steel, minicomputers can also be used instead of high-quality cast iron. Yifan Machinery Large jaw crusher to be segmented rack cast, and then bolt firmly linked into a whole, the casting process complicated. Homemade jaw mobile crusher station rack welded thick steel plate can also be used, but the stiffness is poor.

Jaw plate and side guard plate
By the fixed jaw and movable jaw jaw jaw bed and plates, jaw plate is the working part, fixed with bolts and wedge in the jaw bed. The bed is the fixed jaw jaw rack wall, moving jaw jaw hanging in bed week, have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, which is mostly cast steel or cast iron.

Transmission Parts
Crusher eccentric shaft axis, by a huge bending torque, high-carbon steel. Eccentric part shall be finishing, heat treatment, bearing liner with babbitt pouring. Eccentric shaft pulley mounted at one end, a second end attached the flywheel.

Adjusting means
There are wedge adjustment device, plate and hydraulic, etc., generally wedge, wedge composed by the front two, the former wedge can be moved back and forth, withstood push plate; wedge after wedge is adjustable, up and down moving backward inclined two wedge bonding, the rear wedge by the screw moves up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port. Small jaw crusher discharge port after the adjustment is to use the change in the thrust plate bearing shims between the rack number to achieve.

Jaw Crusher jaw flywheel to store energy during air travel, and then used in industrial form, so that the mechanical work is in line uniformly. Also plays a role in the flywheel pulley. Flywheel often cast iron or steel manufacturing, minicomputer often made integral flywheel. Flywheel manufacture, installation should pay attention to static equilibrium.

Lubricating device
Eccentric shaft bearings are usually centralized lubrication. Mandrels and thrust plate support surface generally use the grease gun oil to the oil by hand. Moving jaw swing angle is small, between the spindle and bearing lubrication difficulties, often open several axial bearing oil groove bottom, middle to open a ring connected to the tank to make it, and then forcibly injected dry butter oil pump lubrication.

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