Jaw crusher installation and use introduction


The equipment of inspection

Jaw crusher equipment after arrival, in conjunction with the party, supervision, and other units of equipment manufacturers to conduct inventory check. Inventory manufacturers to the packing list and Design Institute based on the drawings, to verify the equipment name, model, specification.

Inventory of parts, check random file is complete, collect documents, to the existing problem careful records, fill out the equipment inspection record.
In a jaw crusher equipment after arrival, shall verify the equipment models, specifications are in accordance with design. Verification of crane stochastic technique documents are complete.

The jaw crusher installation:The installation process order: rack mounted to static jaw mounted to the static jaw tension device mounted to the movable jaw mounted to the bracket plate, the movable jaw mounted to the side panel installation and tensioning device for belt pulley, the flywheel is mounted to the motor mounting.Before installation, moving, static jaw shaft, bearing and a shaft hole, a bearing hole; the belt pulley, the flywheel hole, the motor shaft scrape film, washing clean.

Rack mounting: bridge crane rack hanging to the crusher foundation, pad pad iron, in accordance with the measuring datum line alignment, leveling. Installation of anchor bolt, anchor bolt two watering, to be solidified, the initial tightening bolt with fixed frame.The screed frame into use frame level leveling.Longitudinal, transverse plane position tolerance is 3mm;Elevation allowable deviation for± 5mm.Static jaw mounting: bridge crane and static jaw hung above the frame, to suspension upper, fixed, then the bridge crane lifting the lower jaw slightly, installation of static tension device and static jaw toggle plate.

The movable jaw mounted: first measurement of bearing, bearing seat, bearing end cap size, determine the bearing clearance with the gasket thickness and quantity, the bearing, bearing cover preload in shaft. With the bridge crane will move jaw hanging to the rack, install the bearing, tighten bolts. According to the random drawing installation active jaw tension device and a toggle plate.

With the bridge crane installation plate, straight hanging pulley, the flywheel.A movable jaw, weighing about 15t, consider the largest crane in accordance with the 16t calculation, the sling safety coefficient of 6, 6 ×19 wire conversion coefficient a of 0.82, steel wire rope and the angle between the plane 40-60 degree. Lifting the movable jaw, when the rack:P × 4× 0.82 ×Sin600 / 16 = 6, P = 33.79t. Among them, P wire rope pulling force. Lifting frame, the movable jaw crusher, 6× 19-Φ 28 wire rope sling,Φ 28 wire rope the breaking force was 38t, accord with the requirement of P.

Electrical installation: bridge crane motor hanging to the foundation, pad pad iron, in accordance with the measurement line alignment, leveling motor frame, two watering anchor bolts, anchor bolts tightened to be solidified. Install motor pulley, hanging belt, adjust the motor adjusting bolt tensioning belt, fixing bolt tightening machine.

In accordance with the jaw crusher drawings and installation of other ancillary facilities, with a torque wrench to tighten.Frame anchor bolts and other important parts of bolts. Adjust the discharging mouth width, a tension spring tensioning force. Completion of the static debugging.

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