Application of jaw crusher


Jaw crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal and other industrial sectors, the machine suitable for various materials Mohs hardness below 7, middle crushing, fine crushing time when used, should use Jaw crusher. Jaw crusher materials used are iron ore, phosphate rock, barite, Celestine, calcium carbide, coke, limestone, and ore crushing tablets should not be used. On the use of jaw crusher production process, should set the device to control the feeding speed screening and pre-screening and inspection, you can make uniform particle size, too crushed to reduce and improve the quality of crushed product.

JC Jaw Crusher
JC Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher used for crushing medium hardness and brittle rock. Lining of rib shape, the angle between the ribs is 90 ° ~ 100 °; When crushing hard and quite hard materials, linings for the wavy edge strip; When crushing hard and very hard materials, the liner should be widely spaced ribs, the ribs and the width of the liner rib height ratio of T / H = 2 ~ 3.

When selecting crusher types, first by maximum feed size to choose, if the production volume of coarse crushing can meet the needs, you should choose to use jaw crusher. Typically less than the production of 550t / h, tend to choose jaw crusher; in, fine, the same choice of jaw crusher in the smaller production.

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