Energy saving – Ordeal to crusher manufacturer


During the second five,Crusher equipment manufacturers made great progress in energy saving , by constantly strengthening standards, using flexible economic instruments , comprehensive energy consumption levels drop significantly. To April 2014, industrialization, information further deep integration, business automation, information level further improves. Crusher equipment manufacturers can gradually increase the degree of efficiency of management; recycling energy levels are further enhanced, this time factory which production capacity is lag will continue to be eliminated.

Mobile Impact Crusher
Mobile Impact Crushering Station

Prime Minister of China in the meeting of two sessions government work report in 2014 show that we should declare war on pollution as resolute as to the war on poverty, while clearly states that the "energy-saving environmental protection industry into a vibrant sunrise industry."

For China, energy conservation is still facing a grim situation, China accounted for 29% of global emissions, the United States accounted for 16%, the EU accounted for 11% , 65% of global annual increase carbon emissions come from China. More and more global voices require Chinese-saving environmental protection not only in developed countries, together with developing countries, the domestic environment has been destroyed subversive, sustainable development has been raised on the agenda. As a major key environmental pollution, construction waste need efficient mobile crushing and screening equipment, to maximize its recycling and treatment, reduce pollution emissions. .

As one of the advanced crushing equipment manufacturer China, Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery not only can achieve the optimization of energy systems, energy-saving potential depth of excavation, but also can enhance energy efficiency, proactively respond to greenhouse gas emissions , carry out environmental diagnosis,contribute to the green Mountains and water and efficient industrial.

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