Compound pendulum jaw crusher structure parameter optimization


Compound pendulum jaw crusher is a stone crusher medium size most commonly used crushing equipment, which is simple in structure, easy to operate, durable, easy maintenance, etc., firmly occupied by a maximum production volume, most widely used status .
In the production in order to improve the production capacity of the crusher, reducing the tooth plate wear, reduce energy consumption, reduce the mechanical load, dynamic jaw vertical stroke to be small, to a large horizontal travel. Stroke and moving jaw crusher structure parameters, and therefore the need for the structural parameters of the crusher to optimize the design.
First, jaw crusher mobile jaw movement analysis. Established in the fixed jaw plate coordinates of any point on the jaw was dispatched trajectory basic equations. When the eccentric shaft angle from 0 degrees to 360 degrees change in one week, you can get moving jaw tooth plate, middle and lower three-point trajectory, but can also obtain transmission angle, shaft plate angle range.
Establishment of optimization model. Steps for the selected structural parameters that affect performance as design variables; would move the lower jaw stroke characteristic value as the objective function; to a variable range of variation necessary constraints, such as boundary constraint, four Crank that conditions exist to the level of the discharge opening stroke constraints, transmission angle constraint (43 ° ~ 55 ° between), swing angle brackets constraints bracket angle constraints, according to these constraints, we can establish the main structure parameter optimization design model.
After modeling, can be complex method, application FORTRA language programming, iteration of the model calculations, the compound pendulum jaw crusher's main structure parameters.
Calculated using the method described above compound pendulum jaw crusher's main structure parameters can improve design accuracy and speed, simplify the calculation process, the resulting institution reasonable crusher, strength, strong practicability.

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