YiFan Machinery Jaw Crusher parsing defects and improvement measures


Jaw crusher mining equipment is used more often on the basis of broken equipment, their work can be divided into simple pendulum , which is one of the complex and comprehensive style tilting article YiFan Machinery to introduce - compound pendulum jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher

After YiFan mechanical investigations, jaw crusher often appear in the operation and maintenance problems are the following .

1 , jaw crusher jaw maneuver in 0 - 270 between the working stroke , 270 - 360 room for the air travel , increasing the power consumption of unproductive and empty load when the load changes dramatically , leading to component wear .

2 , sticky when wet ore crusher , jaw and easily resorted easy to knot material discharge port blockage , resulting in production can not be continuous.

3 , the case of a smooth surface and the special shape of ore feed inlet sometimes easy to pop back to the ore , lower productivity and prone to accidents.

4 , the flat layered structure of the ore in the presence of easily forming a flat elongated products, the production can not meet the needs of follow-up .

5, the movable jaw plate for fixing screw , if not complete its processing material , prone uneven damage , leading to reduced productivity .

6 , some easy to wear and easy to produce when running loose component failure is not easy to discover , affecting productivity .

YiFan Machinery as crushing industry leading brands of crushers has in-depth study and understanding of the jaw crusher operation and maintenance of the existing problems made ​​the following improvements.

1, for air travel problems , you can solve the guns jaw crusher ; When using single- jaw body up and down through the periodic exchange of fixed , movable jaw plate and fasteners ease.

2 , in the face of wet ore feed inlet Tim timely in spreading anti- sticky powder , and regularly clean out the plot of artificial feeding spout jaws to ensure its smooth, effectively ensure the continuous production fragmentation .

3 , in order to guarantee the ore crusher is not being squeezed out of the machine , you must make the jaws of the clamp angle ore should be less than 1 times the angle of friction between the ore and jaw . For such problems , by an appropriate increase in the length direction of the center of the movable jaw jaw height ( generally the largest Bryant jaw plate up around 20 mm), to reduce the running pliers ore jaw chamber is squeezed out.

4, the ore is flat out this problem , we are given by the lower end of the original , high- toothed peaks improvements movable jaw plate is not high corrugated tooth peaks. After improvements, jaw crusher discharge port flat rate than the original ore reserves fell more than 90% , to better meet the crushing needs.

5 , the movable jaw plate screw fixing the problem, by strengthening quality control to ensure the quality of the screw heat treatment to relieve the screw uneven damage occurs, uneven damage than the original ratio declined by more than 50 %.

6 , periodically stop to check , strengthening equipment lubrication and vibration testing to alleviate the sudden failure.

YiFan Machinery has taken place against the run of jaw crusher problems in the corresponding measures for improvement, a good solution to the problems in equipment operation , improve equipment operation rate and ore productivity.

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