Jaw crusher is crushing hard rock ore magic weapon


With the further development of international modern industry and the mining industry , the application of the crusher is also becoming more common , as we all know , mine blasting down the raw ore mined hardness was relatively large, severe wear on the crusher , which virtually increases the cost of inputs , affecting the smooth production continuously.

For large, hard rock ore crushing problems, YiFan Machinery in introducing and absorbing advanced crushing technology , based on the actual needs of the customer site , based on the high input , high output design , development unveiled a low-power , high capacity in a modern high-performance crusher - series jaw crusher .

And compared to the traditional jaw crusher , jaw crusher energy through the whole structure , moving jaw trajectory, chamber cavity type and other precision optimized so that the models yield and stability are greatly enhanced , and the machine is equipped with forging playing the eccentric shaft , oversized bearings , E -type rack , labyrinth seals and other quality components , but also make the device more durable and more reliable. Even in the face of basalt , granite, quartzite rock high hardness , high energy jaw crusher can also crush their disposable to medium-grained , reducing secondary and tertiary crushing pressure equipment and wear , reduce production costs. This client is undoubtedly the best commitment and protection.

In addition to the construction sector gravel and sand production, energy jaw crusher in black, non-ferrous mineral processing areas equally significant advantage, according to experts, research and development center Yifan: "high-energy performance jaw crusher crushing full advantage of its superior ability to effectively reduce the particle size of the original ore, multi-break less grinding, grinding relieve stress, increase production capacity and efficiency of the entire production line, thus greatly improving economic efficiency concentrator can be predicted, will replace the traditional energy broken jaw broken jaw, become darling metal and nonmetal mines mining crushing the field.

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