Why jaw crusher maintenance


To ensure the crusher often in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime day, improve crusher good rates, utilization, reducing crusher wear and extend the life of the crusher, the crusher to reduce operating and maintenance costs and ensure production safety, must strengthen the crusher maintenance work.

Crusher maintenance must implement the principle of both maintenance and repair, prevention-oriented" and do regular maintenance, force, proper handling, maintenance and repair of the relationship, not only allowed to keep, just repair support.
Each team must crusher maintenance procedures, maintenance category do all kinds of crusher maintenance work, without undue delay, to special circumstances, after working exclusively in charge of the approval of deferred maintenance, but generally not more than half of the prescribed maintenance intervals.

Broken confidential to ensure quality care, according to the provisions and requirements of the project one by one, shall not leak protection or security. Maintenance projects, maintenance of quality and maintenance problems found should make records at the department is working.

Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should be "seized three a cross (self, mutual inspection, examination and a full handover qualified)", constantly sum up experience in maintenance and improve the quality of care.
Asset Management regularly supervise and inspect all units crusher maintenance conditions and maintenance of quality checks regularly or irregularly, and Jiangyoufalie.

Jaw crusher and other hard materials as ore crushing coarse broken equipment, with large crushing ratio, high output, even granularity, simple structure, easy maintenance, and low production costs. Jaw crusher movable jaw plate when in direct contact with the material, which often suffer a greater load. When fed into the crusher feed opening process, may often be difficult broken objects have special firm such as stones or iron, if appropriate safety device in a timely manner prohibited happen, then hard material in the crushing chamber crushing the helpless deformity, or even directly interfere with operation of the equipment, resulting in downtime review. The pieces have insurance to protect the supply of this situation would be greatly to the progress of the initiative to control the entire crusher equipment and production lines.

If for some reason Passed jaw crusher parking, when the previous incidents dealt prepare boot, must have cleared the backlog of ore crushing cavity, before re-running car. Because the jaw crusher simple structure, easy to mechanical vibration in the first half of this year, through the technical part of the research, the first crawler crusher also successfully born, can support a variety of roads, terrain, like a tank, you want go on the go.

Crushing strength in the mining industry of different ore types of machinery it needs also vary, pioneering type of mechanical machinery crusher mainly jaw crusher, hammer, counter type, vertical shaft type and impact several, one of pioneering heavy machinery to explore mineral cast an extremely important role in the construction of infrastructure initiatives of the measures, particularly the company's crushing destroyed in mineral processing mineral processing industries in the production process, according to a very important position.

Domestic crusher supplier with great opportunities for development, whether lower our costs, but also good mechanical foundation industry, through the introduction of improved international long predecessors technology, industry-university research investment, we must overcome the technological gap, so that our crushing providers because shrinking domestic market, high production costs, have to open up their markets outside, but as a traditional industry in terms of access to new investment funds and personnel seldom.

Thus, the recent mergers and acquisitions frequently in this situation for subjective reasons, neither the research tools (for example, a provider with almost no real risk of rock chamber), and the lack of technical support to improve their predecessors, the development of the air force's own property is very weak.

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