what to do Jaw crusher reduces noise ?


In the production process, machinery and equipment Metropolitan noise. Mechanical noise is also displayed in the normal operation of mechanical equipment on the other hand. In order to protect the hearing of staff will not be damaged, how can jaw crusher while working to reduce the noise of it!

First, install the motor power of choice and soundproofed

We choose a jaw crusher, when not only the price of the above factors to consider issues from the device, but also consider one of the most important equipment as well as the id parameter model parameters, electrical power is the crusher directly determines the size of the motor power the size of the sound crusher work. If the power is too large, it will send a larger sound, if the power is too small, will lead to efficiency to be improved. In the above motor power problems we can consider installing a noise isolation device.

Second, the use of a separate crusher and crusher used in conjunction with multiple

In the use of the process, in order to improve efficiency, it will select multiple crusher and with the use of the prototype system under normal circumstances. As we all know, in order to reduce production costs can not lower the standard to reduce expenditure on equipment, take a jaw crusher is concerned, if we will configure the relatively low jaw crusher is applied to the production in the past, such an action would directly undermine workflow and efficiency of the entire production line. Lead to the production capacity declined, they can not talk about profit. This requires that we can seek to reduce expenses and cost of the program, to increase production capacity. Kim Flint development for so many years in the industry, summed up some experience. To reduce the cost of sand and gravel production line must start reducing the number of production line equipment configuration to proceed, the fewer the number of host devices and belts, etc., the more it can reduce the production of finished up the gravel. Therefore, with the use of multi-crusher in the process, but also to pay attention to the problem of noise sources.

Three working together, a line and a plurality of lines

If it is the same one stone production line, then, using a single-stage or single-stage fine crusher jaw crusher can meet the requirements of the case, it not only reduces costs but also reduce the general wear parts wear and tear, but this is not delay stone line the material and capacity requirements, you can save not a small expenditure. Because the single-stage crushing jaw crusher has a large capacity, high efficiency advantages in the production line can play an important role in the function of a machine producing energy equivalent to several times over the last vintage machinery.

In the jaw crusher to reduce the noise in the process, we have to consider more than three points. At present, the overall structure of the crusher, the noise is still quite in need of improvement. This is a continuous process of innovation, and we look forward crusher production process in the future to be more humane, to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the staff.

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