Jaw crusher sand recycling works


Process used jaw crusher needs and related products with the use of recycled sand is one of them. Below we come to explain the jaw crusher with sand recycling process requires attention to several issues.

Jaw crusher sand recycling works

Jaw crusher sand recovery system consists of motor, slurry pumps, cyclone, ZK vibrating screen, cleaning tank, return bins and other components. During operation the water in the mixture fed to the sand cyclone sand concentrated by centrifugal classification to the spigot shaker shaker after dehydration, effective separation of sand and water, a small amount of sand, mud, etc. The back hopper back to the cleaning tank, cleaning the bath surface is too high, as the discharge port. linear shaker recyclables weight concentration of 70% -85%. In use, depending on the adjustment of the operating speed can also be changed.

Jaw crusher sand recycling system for recycling to explain

Regardless of the type of sand washing machine, its biggest drawback is fine sand (0.16 mm or less particles) serious loss, or even the loss of more than 20%, which is not only the loss of production, but also seriously affect the sand gradation, resulting in class with unreasonable, fineness modulus coarse, greatly reducing the product quality of the sand. Excessive sand emissions, but also pollute the environment. In the process to be used for related problems, pay more attention.

Jaw crusher sand recovery characteristics and advantages

1 according to the different requirements of users, design appropriate solutions.

2 The maximum amount of recycled sand recovery system 85% of the emissions of fine particulate material, with other devices unparalleled technical and economic advantages. 3 solves the finished sand high fineness modulus, low dust content of artificial aggregate processing system problems arise. Improved jaw crusher sand recovery efficiency. 4 Fine fully recovered, reducing the workload sedimentation tank, reducing the sedimentation tank clean-up costs. 5 sand recycling system reduces fines natural stacking time, direct transport, supply market.

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