Jaw crusher installation should pay attention to what matters?


Jaw crusher installation should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) Because jaw crusher vibrating larger at work, you should install the machine on a concrete foundation, in order to reduce vibration, noise, and on nearby buildings and structures based on the impact crusher and concrete foundation in between the pads with hardwood pallets, rubber band or other cushioning material.

(2) based on the discharging groove to the laying of a metal plate, and has sufficient inclination angle (depending on the flow of materials to be determined, not less than 50), to avoid obstructing the smooth discharge of the crushed product.

(3) nesting population size should be adjusted as needed granularity. Adjustment, loosen the bolts and T line tension spring. Use to open the top adjustment bolt from the top seat, insert, or removing the appropriate thickness of the gasket, and then returned from the top bolt, adjust the seat in the role of weight moving jaw, ear close to the seat frame, while the spacer group pressure rope together. After that, adjust the spring preload to ensure that the machine work, so that the thrust plate and thrust plate pad snugly. However, pre-pressure is not too large, as long as no percussion, finally locking seat adjustment.

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