Yifan machinery jaw crusher mature technology greatly reduces the running costs


Yifan Machinery is the earliest start producing crusher, after ten years of development, has developed into a professional developer and manufacturer of crushers, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has a strong domestic professional R & D team, mature jaw the crusher production and R & D technology. More than 20 top domestic R & D engineers experience, professional skill, has made outstanding contributions to the development of domestic and foreign mining, new environmental protection and energy conservation JC jaw crusher was successfully developed to enhance the brand strength has laid a good foundation for Yifan Machinery.

Yifan machinery company in the past to develop PE jaw crusher, PEX jaw crusher in the market for praise, innovative research and development of new products in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the primary development goal Yifan. JC jaw crusher, through technological innovation, have a distinct advantage in the production level has unique characteristics of the production, and similar products. JC jaw crusher as Yifan company's top products, has been widely used in domestic and foreign mining, construction, water conservancy, highway, hydropower and other industries has been applied, walking in the forefront of similar jaw crusher technology sector.

In the day-to-day use, the jaw crusher structure is simple and reasonable, low running costs, but as head broken equipment maintenance essential should be noted that in normal use, when the downtime should check and repair parts, such You can guarantee the normal operation of the machine. The bearing bits abrasion jaw crusher to withstand the torque or vibration during operation, often cause transmission failure common: the pulley and shaft of the first part of a gap caused by the shaft head and wheel wear caused by the eccentric shaft force and so on.

Problems mentioned above to use more traditional repair methods polymer composite repair method, the most mature American blessing the world Blue technology, which has superior adhesion, excellent compressive strength overall performance, free demolition, Free machine processing carried out on-site repair. Neither polymer material maintenance repair welding thermal stress effects of repair thickness unrestricted, metal material products do not have the concession, to absorb the impact of equipment vibration, may avoid wear again, and significantly extend equipment parts service life, save a lot of downtime for the enterprise, to create a huge economic value.

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