Yifan machinery to help you understand how to improve the work efficiency of the jaw crusher


Customer reaction optional models yield of the jaw crusher and businesses to mark the production of the corresponding model equipment often inconsistent, and often can not meet the production standards of customer requirements. The reason is it? The Yifan mechanical in crusher technology areas have professional technical experience in order to help users unlock doubts organization than professional and technical experts to explore the analysis.

Ordinary jaw crusher crushing chamber by the movable jaw and static jaw two jaw crusher material crushing operation simulated animal jaw movement. Medium-grained crushing various ore and bulk materials are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. The maximum compressive strength of the material to be broken 320Mpa.

Process huge stones are broken into small stones, the first crusher is usually as a "master" crusher. The longest history, but also the most solid crusher jaw crusher. Jaw crusher feeding the material from the top of the entrance poured into the crushing chamber containing jaw teeth, jaw teeth to the enormous power of the material to the top of the wall will be broken into smaller stones. The case of the normal work of the jaw crusher, high production efficiency, crushing ratio, Mining broken preferred head broken equipment.

But specifically what factors affect the yield of the jaw crusher? The experts say that there are many factors affecting the production capacity of the jaw crusher, the main factors are as follows:

The viscosity of the material. I.e. the greater the viscosity of the material, the more easily adhere.

The better the wear resistance of the broken pieces of the jaw crusher jaw crushing capacity of the larger If you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.

The fineness of the crushed materials, high fineness, which requires the crushing out the finer the material, the smaller the crushing capacity.

The hardness of materials. The harder the material is broken up and the more difficult the more serious, and wear and tear on equipment. Broken slow, of course, crushing capacity.

The humidity of materials, when materials containing moisture content material in the crusher easy adhesion, it is easy to plug in the next conveying process, resulting in crushing capacity decreases.
The composition of the material, crushing the former material containing a fine powder more impact crusher the more because these fine powder easily adheres affect throughput. Fines content should advance through a sieve.

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