Used jaw crusher overload protection method and its principle


Jaw crusher crushing operations extremely bad working conditions, workload volatility, the peak load is usually more than three times the average load. Often due to the material uneven or extremely extremely hard not crushed materials (such as iron, etc. due to the crushing chamber into, hereinafter referred to as material AA) substantial sudden overload danger. To this end, the jaw crusher has targeted overload protection measures, the development so far, used the following method.
(1) broken bracket method: set the low intensity of the bracket easily broken the upload, toggle plate the stress sensitivity District due to stress sharp rise to the limit itself broken, cut off the power transmission to prevent machine damage in the crusher.
This conventional overload protection measures, the structure is simple, easy to manufacture. However, due to the volatility of the mechanical properties of the bracket (usually cast iron) and calculation accuracy restrictions can not be precise quantitative control break point, the practical applications are often overloaded while the lack of protection. Moreover, even if the overload has been protected, but because of the crusher in the accident state, in the clean-up, disassembly and replacement parts before the machine is not running, this is bound to cause flow interruption, delays in production.
(2) flywheel the limit moments protection: the spring friction clutch, hydraulic friction clutch or set safety pin. Such method simple pendulum jaw crusher used more often.
(3) hydraulic protection: protection unreliable and need to stop treatment under accident conditions, causing the process to interrupt their recovery more difficult issues such as containing more material barrier materials in the crushing processing flow due to the aforementioned two overload methods exist (such as the slag crushing line), and often can not meet the production needs. Therefore, the development of a safe and reliable hydraulic protection devices replace the traditional means of passive protection, the maximum to ensure safe and smooth continuous operation is particularly necessary.

Hydraulic overload protection device works
The jaw crusher hydraulic overload protection agency primarily by the working cylinder, accumulator, plunger injection pump, cam device, hydraulic adjustment device, action valves, filters, tanks.

Jaw crusher member function
(1) The cylinder jaw crusher thrust board required thrust, increased cylinder hydraulic overload retracted piston shifted to the right, to limit the maximum crusher crushing force;

(2) lower accumulator hydraulic system hydraulic pulsating action valve to drain accurate overload action;
(3) cam means it is a plunger-type fuel injection pump plunger, moving under mechanical energy input means;
(4) hydraulic adjustment device according to the system oil pressure is increased or decreased by the role of its internal piston, driven by the fork institutions plunger injection pump plunger counterclockwise or clockwise rotation at an angle;
(5) plunger injection pump to the system to provide high-pressure oil milling spiral chute cylindrical surface of the plunger, slot channels and plunger above the pump cavity; the plunger put into the hole and back hole. Its effective stroke of the pump oil, is determined by the relative position of the plunger and the plunger sleeve when the plunger is rotated counterclockwise, the effective stroke is reduced, less oil pump; Conversely, the pump oil is increased;
(6) actuated valve actuation valve for a self-designed devices, within different areas of the two pistons, when the upper chamber pressure is higher than the lower chamber pressure, the piston downward, the oil drain of the upper chamber; When the upper chamber pressure is below or is equal to the lower chamber pressure, the piston is at the upper limit position, the drain port blocked hydraulic system is in the normal working state.

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