How to determine the size of the discharge opening of the ja


Jaw crusher discharge opening width determined .Assume that the jaw crusher motorized jaw for translational motion, and ignore the friction between the moving jaw the nip angle change in the swing process materials and crushing plate nesting.Broken products will be free-fall under gravity.


BB1 retracted from the closed side of the limit position when the operation of the jaw crusher to the critical number of revolutions, to the opening edge when the limit position CC1 cross section after the fall of the trapezoidal prism of ABB1A1 material, on which the material followed fill sectionalthe crushing chamber ACC1A1.The filling density of the material is μ2.

The crushed material particle size in the feed material size or crushing chamber is uneven. When the movable jaw plate back to the limit position, a different block of material at the appropriate level bite.Occlusal surface, the porosity of the material with the degree of fine-grained material filling. Can generally be assumed that a porosity of 50%, when the forward movement of the movable jaw plate material to be broken, since the pressure in the material in a close state, the porosity decreases. To determine the principles of the stroke of the movable jaw so that the material does not produce a compacted state.Therefore, the assumed maximum filling density of the material is 0.8, and the crushing when they can not be greater than 0.9. However, the density of the filling material must be less than the density of the solid material.

The the relative filling density of the minimum width of the discharge opening and the material and the level of the lower end of the movable jaw stroke, moving jaw swing stroke a direct impact on the crushing effect of the material, the upper level of stroke moving jaw broken materials must meet the desired amount of compression, the lower end of the horizontal stroke should not be too large.

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