【Jaw Crusher technical guide】How the right to safe operation


Jaw crusher before starting the following checks should be carried out and ready to work:

[1] Check the bearing bracket junction grease.

[2] check the mechanical equipment bolt connections.

[3] Check the safety of installations, facilities.

[4] Check the crushing chamber.

[5] Check the equipment grounding and insulation.

[6] Check the working power.

[7] Check the V-belt tightness.

[8] Check abnormal situation should be dealt with immediately and records found serious problems to professionals maintenance.

[9] after the completion of the examination was normal and ready to work, a start-up signal.
Jaw crusher start the run should comply with the following provisions:

[1] before the start, a start-up signal; should not be with the load starting.

[2] After starting the abnormal situation should be shut down immediately.

[3] starting the crusher, in normal operation to be mechanical feeding.

[4] the material should be put into a positive.

[5] crusher operation, bearing temperature should be about 40 ℃, the maximum should not exceed 70 ° C.

[6] processing failed application card stone tools such as crowbars, iron hook, non-hand directly from the operation of mechanical crushing chamber take card stone.

[7] the amount of bearing grease should its volume of 50% -70%.

[8] crusher run should be replaced at least once every 6 months grease.
Jaw crusher downtime should comply with the following provisions:

[1] should stop feeding, to be broken cavity-free material, and then shut down.

[2] because of the crushing cavity material jammed downtime should immediately turn off the motor, clear the crushing chamber Nei Kasai matter.

[3] normal operation 4h downtime, the bolts fastening should be checked.

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