New jaw crusher join the construction waste disposal work


New jaw crusher join the construction waste disposal work. With the rapid development of economic construction , construction output is still increasing every year. Building demolition , reconstruction , this one on the garbage up to several billion tons per year . For data analysis , will produce 500-600 tons of building : 10,000 m2 building construction process . In addition to the construction waste will produce this or that solid industrial waste in the production and construction . From the above data , how so many construction waste " digestion " out to become the focus of attention .

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery mobile crushing plant using high-tech R & D and production , and a new jaw crusher super crushing equipment tailored to the earthquake-stricken areas , according to the recurrent problem in the treatment of urban architecture , has become the undisputed current most popular crushing equipment . New jaw crusher is a considerable improvement on traditional jaw crusher , in the production process , to strengthen the performance of the machine 's insurance , increase the continuity of the work , and improve work efficiency .

For building processing market strongly recommend mobile crushing plant , hard , strong corrosive construction waste material crushing , choose the most suitable new jaw crusher . Use of the building , the market provides a highly efficient , environmentally friendly, zero emissions , safety equipment , a long period of Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery examine in situ and practical mobile crusher configuration reorganization , the new jaw crusher being put into the mobile crusher processing , an efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving building processing equipment - mobile crushing plant ( mobile crusher ) , this building processing equipment in full compliance with the targets of the national government resources recycling .

Set by the material of the mobile crushing plant , crushing , send and process equipment , and a strong pipeline of crushing and screening operations , the completion of the multi - processing operations demand . The entire production line with the new jaw crusher cone crusher , feeder , vibrating screen , conveyor , fully enclosed design , production lines equipped with dust removal equipment in addition to iron , integrated electronic control , etc. .The addition of the new jaw crusher making the whole building more advanced design , better performance , higher productivity , more convenient to use and maintenance , stable and more reliable with respect to the various types of fixed crusher station equipped with a new type of processing equipment like a moving jaw crusher mobile crusher small and medium crushing processing plant efficiency and operating costs are better than at the same level or a higher level of fixed crusher station .

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