The jaw crusher is widely used because of its stable perform


The jaw crusher broken stone used equipment , mining machinery industry and also the first to put the stone crushing equipment . Yifan Machinery traditional jaw crusher production technology with a number of improvements to reduce the cost of production and the whole energy consumption , form a complete set of state-of-the-art PE series jaw crusher production technology , improve production efficiency and product quality .

Jaw crusher  head there are some defects in material selection, on the shape of the structure , affect the overall performance and service life of the mouth of the jaw crusher . To solve this problem , the well-designed product , continuously improved its performance , developed a new type of jaw head and suitable for plateau production by the new jaw head assembly , the mountain material characteristics of the new PE series jaw crusher to improve the mechanical properties extended service life .

Jaw crusher occupies a very important position in the production of mineral raw materials , and its development has been a century history . A variety of materials in mining, building materials and infrastructure sector is mainly used as the primary crusher and crusher for the compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa broken , crushing operations , great crushing ratio , high yield , product size uniform, simple structure , reliable operation , easy maintenance and operating costs and economic characteristics . Jaw head extrusion jaw crusher , the main components of the crushed material , and therefore its strength, hardness, resistance to crushing and impact resistant high performance requirements .

The jaw crusher is the host rock crushing international areas of the most widely used crusher with large crushing ratio , even granularity , simple structure , easy maintenance and so many other advantages . The jaw crusher is divided into two kinds of coarse and fine broken , can achieve different fineness of materials processing , the maximum compressive strength of the material to be broken up to 320MPa . Yifan Machinery -led R & D and R & D production of large and medium-sized jaw crusher , in large and medium-sized jaw crusher market segments , in the absolute level.

Due to the smooth working of the jaw crusher , continuous productivity broken than large, small power consumption , and automatic uniformity of its feeder , so widely used .

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