How to choose jaw crusher ? Jaw crusher specifications devic


In the mining industry production , the amount of jaw crusher has been living in crushing equipment first , then , how to buy jaw crusher ? Jaw crusher specifications become the device of choice focus , many customers buy the jaw crusher , crusher feed size and particle size of the material usually very concerned , so we must first understand the the crusher size specifications and detailed dimensions .

The specifications of the jaw crusher is represented with a width B and a length L of feed . For example , 900 x 1200 mm jaw crusher said it to . Mine mouth 900 mm wide , 1200 mm long .

Jaw crusher feed port width can be divided into large, medium and small three types . Feed mouth width greater than 600 mm for large feed opening width of 300 to 600 mm for the medium to the feed opening width of less than 300 mm for small . Nuggets degrees fed into the jaw crusher production to feed mouth width B 15 to 20% smaller than the largest block of D = 0.85 0.8B feed .

There are two common jaw crusher :

On acting and under -acting . On acting jaw crusher row ore mouth width constant work often clogged , affecting the normal work . So now been eliminated . Under dynamic type jaw crusher concentrator up .

Jaw crusher consists of the following major components : fixed jaw plate and the front wall of the rack , hanging in the axis of the movable jaw , eccentric shaft , vertical rod , brackets , drive flywheel , two jaw board liner , with a spring lever , elbow board seat , adjust the block .

Only election , do not choose expensive , jaw crusher machine specifications become the device of choice focus , Yifan machinery to remind the majority of customers choose mine crusher field trips , shop around , to elect suitable own equipment.

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