Jaw crusher broken into small pieces of aggregate efficiency


Sand making machine is one of the Yifan machinery flagship product , Yifan mechanical crushing and screening equipment industry 's top companies , each device after strict inspection to the factory , jaw crusher machine crushing characteristics ? Jaw crusher broken into small pieces of aggregate efficiency is high?

Simple swing jaw crusher , due to moving jaw hanging on the support shaft , so when the the moving jaw back and forth movement , moving jaw trajectory points are arc-shaped , and the small great horizontal stroke while the bottom of the movable jaw ( row at the entrance to the mine ) .

Ore falling into the crushing chamber , its upper portion are large ore blocks, thus often up less ore crushing the necessary amount of compression , so the upper portion of large ore , the need to repeatedly crushed multiple times, can be broken . Crushing load is mostly concentrated in the lower portion of the crushing chamber , and not uniformly throughout the jaws work , thereby reducing the production capacity of the crusher . Vertical travel of this crusher , grinding stripping the role of small , slow row of ore . But the wear of the jaws is lighter , product pulverization less .

Yifan Machinery understood concentrator in mineral aggregate crushing are broken mechanical crushing method , the most widely used crushing equipment is fine jaw crusher . More on medium hard ore , large and medium-sized concentrator , crusher almost selectively short head jaw crusher . A short head jaw crusher , Pai mine mouth smallest adjustment bit only Smm , although closed-circuit crushing sieve control broken particle size , but the cycle load is limited , therefore , the actual crushing results , the final product of granularity reachable 12 ~ 15mm, generally greater than 15mm. Of course , the use of the following hard brittle ore impact crusher and hammer crusher roller crusher can reach 5mm crushed ore particle size can be up to 5 to 10 mm .

Yifan Machinery Machinery production crusher, crushing ratio, a uniform particle size , simple mechanical structure , easy maintenance , and gradually guide the transformation of the mode of development of China 's jaw crusher industry .

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