Straight-line Vibrating Screen



Materials:Powder,granular materials


Ore dressing,building material,electric power etc

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screens absorbs German advanced technology with unique eccentric structure. It is widely used in plastics,abrasives,chemicals,pharmaceuticals,building materials, food,carbon,fertilizer,refractory materials,light industry,mining, coal,metallurgy and other industries,as well as selection and classification of powdery,granular materials. 

Straight-line Vibrating Screen
Straight-line Vibrating Screen

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screens Features and Advantages:

1.using block eccentric as excitation force,strong exciting force

2.using high strength bolts without welding

3.simple structure, convenient maintenance

4.the use of tire couplings, flexible connection and smooth operation

5.high screening efficiency, large capacity, long life

6.through years of production practice,it proves that Straight-line Vibrating Screen is capable of handling a large amount of materials,reasonable technical parameters,structural strength,high stiffness,serialization,universal,high degree of standardization,smooth and reliable operation,low noise,easy maintenance and overhaul and a series of advantages.

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