Mobile Screening


Mobile Screening Crusher:

The PP1548s Portable Screening Plant is a patented aggregate screening plant designed to screen rock, soils, sand & gravel and c & d materials producing three different sizes of product simultaneously. This heavy-duty machine features standard equipment . The Yifan PP1548s Portable Screening Plant unique patented design allows feeding from three sides with a loader or excavator to accommodate any job site application.


Screening for various quarries and building demolition waste, mining operations and so on.


Screen rock,soils,sand & gravel and c & d materials.


Mobile Screening Crusher
Mobile Screening Crusher

Mobile Screening Crusher Features and advantages:

1.equipped with a high-performance screening box;

2.automated screening exercise and conditioning, screening efficiency maximization;

3.the strict management of all operational units, improve product life and reliability;

4.low noise and low emission characteristics.

Mobile Screening technical parameters:

Product Name PP1548YK2S PP1548YK3S PP1860YK3S PP2160YK2S PP2160YK3S PP2160YK4S
Transport dimensions Model
Length 14000 14740 13260 15230 16000 12680
Width 3300 2780 3180 3720 3100 4360
Width 4180 4500 4550 4500 4680 4560
Weight 22.9 23.9 22.8 28.6 33.2 24.8
Axle load 14.1 10.3 22.5 16.9 23.9 17.8
Kingpins/Axle load 50/9.8 50/13.6 50/2.3 50/11.7 50/9.3 50/7.0
Vibrating Screen  
Model 2YK1548 3YK1548 3YK1860 2YK2160 3YK2160 4YK2160
Feeding belt conveyor  
Model B800X12Y B800X12Y no B800X12Y B1000X12.7Y B800X12Y
sieve belt conveyor  
Model B650X7.5Y B650X7.5Y B800X8.2 B1000X8.2Y B1000X8.2Y no
Axis Number  
Axis Number Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial Biaxial

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