SMG Hydraulic Cone Crusher


SMG Hydraulic Cone Crusher:

SMG Hydraulic Cone Crushers Having summarized all the advantage of each crushing cavity and experienced theoretical analysis and practical examination, SMG series hydraulic cone crushers designed by YIFAN engineers owns variety of cavities for your choice.

SMG Hydraulic Cone Crushers Through selecting suitable cavities and eccentricity, we can do our utmost to meet our customer's different requirements and realize high capacity. Laminated crushing function can be fully realized with full realized with full load, which contributes to good shape of final product with more cubic particles.

SMG Hydraulic Cone Crusher
SMG Hydraulic Cone Crusher


Metallurgical, aggregate, building material industries,etc.


Iron ore,copper ore,slag,pebbles,quartz,granite,basalt,diabase,etc.


SMG Hydraulic Cone Crusher technical parameters:

Model SMG100S SMG200S SMG300S SMG500S
Moter power(kw) 90 160 250 315
Stroke(mm) 16-25 18-36 18-40 18-40
Max lift during maintenance(kg) 2850 4750 8500 14200
Total weight(kg) 7500 12000 22500 36300
SMG Series Tertiary Cone Crusher:
Model SMG100 SMG200 SMG300 SMG500 SMG700 SMG800
Moter power(kw) 90 160 250 315 520 600
Stroke(mm) 16-25 18-40 25-40 25-45 30-50 30-50
Max lift during maintenance(kg) 1650 2850 5150 8600 15600 23000
Total weight(kg) 5700 9500 17500 28000 53000 75000

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